Marcus “Bellringer” Bell is an American music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, social media influencer, activist and entrepreneur.

He has marketed and promoted, produced, remixed and written for, mentored and developed some of the world’s biggest superstars and brands including Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Arista Records, EMI and Universal Music. He has also created music for worldwide brands such as McDonalds, General Mills, and Peter Diamandis. Bell has also written and produced chart-topping songs for artists in Turkey, Lebanon, India, Japan, Korea, and Europe. Marcus Bell, the entrepreneur, is the Founder/CEO of Bellringer Productions LLC, a music sync licensing and production company that operates a catalogue of over 10,000 songs. He is also the co-founder of Audience Academy, the social media influencer training company with pop star and data scientist/engineer Shelita Burke.

In 2018 Bell published an Amazon #1 best selling book titled “Bellringer Branding Bible: The 5 Musician Branding Principles for Singers, Rappers, DJs, Music Producers, Composers, Writers, and Recording Artists.” Global superstar Beyonce performed to a song produced by Bellringer on her "On the Run II Tour" co-headlined with husband Jay-Z


The son of a national tennis champion, Carolyn Williams Bell and entrepreneur father, Harvey Lee Bell Jr., Marcus Bell was born into an environment of African-American excellence and creativity in Norfolk, Virginia. With a love for the arts fueled by the support of his parents, he started playing piano and studying music when he was two years old.

In his youth, Marcus displayed exceptional business and leadership acumen.  “Starting a record company at 12 years old, organizing my own group in high school, and having to hire my teachers to play club dates, events and festivals kept me out of trouble. I was so busy I didn’t have time for anything else between school and my entertainment career.”  

His teen years were spent studying and developing his craft as he learned to play over twelve instruments and gained mastery in the saxophone, piano, bass guitar, drums, organ, songwriting and producing music.

After high school, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University where he majored in business with a minor in music. He later transferred to the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston where he graduated with honors.   

At the end of Bell’s time at Berklee, he began working for BMG (Arista Records, Jive Records, and RCA) marketing and promoting the careers of some of the biggest recording artists such as Britney Spears, Usher, Puff Daddy, and groups like Outkast and TLC.


After working for major entertainment companies for 4 years in his early twenties, Bell realized that entrepreneurship was his pathway to being self-expressed and fulfilled. He has been creating value as a creative technologist and sustained a thriving entertainment business over the past two decades.

“I realized after working inside major record companies that I wanted to develop new artists and help facilitate their rise to fame. I learned to master the art of production. I would write and record 7-10 tracks and songs a day and had artists coming in and out of my home studio and later a commercial studio. I was writing in every genre and started recording songs with international artists.” This versatility and proficiency with a wide range of genres made him easily adaptable for providing music for television, film, and commercials.

Having started several companies, Bell has achieved many successes, learned from failures, and has inspired and helped hundreds of artists develop their creativity.  He has spoken at conferences including  MIT Hacking Arts, the Conference for Global Transformation and leads seminars or classes for various non-profits such as the Whitehall Arts Academy. He has been using his experience as an entrepreneur to make a difference in people's' lives.

Social Impact

Personally committed to social justice, dignity, and compassion, Bell has been involved in social issues such as promoting STEM education in underserved communities to music education in schools.  In elementary school he and his mother were sued by the City of Norfolk, Virginia, to prevent school busing for integration. In high school, he led a student demonstration to prevent the demolition of I.C. Norcom High School, Portsmouth, Virginia's only historically African American high school.

After participating in marches and political campaigns, Bell realized the power of music to impact society and be a vehicle for the empowerment of communities. Bellringer recorded a song to raise funds to support victims of Haiti’s devastating January 2010 earthquake.  When President Barack Obama ran for re-election in 2012, Bell received a call from leaders working in his campaign to do a song to be used in flash mobs around the country. Thousands of people participated, making it one of the most successful marketing initiatives for the campaign. In 2018 after the passing of his mother he created the Carolyn Bell Foundation whose mission is to advance the causes of social justice through storytelling and the arts.   


Marcus Bell has become an influencer over the past several years by accumulating over 100 thousand fans across social media platforms. His posts have generated over 300 million impressions collectively. Bellringer is unstoppable, and he is motivating people from all over the world who are touched directly and indirectly by his wisdom and musical genius. He believes that every single human being has amazing inner potential which can be tapped into and encouraged to grow. His mission is to leave a legacy that helps to provide meaning to billions of people.